Experienced Water Heater Maintenance


Professional maintenance that keeps your water heater running efficiently and prevents repairs.

Purchasing a vehicle is not something you often do because it’s a significant investment. That’s why it’s crucial to perform routine maintenance, such as oil changes, to ensure your investment performs as it should for as long as it should. The same goes for your water heater.

Whether you have a tank or tankless water heater, routine maintenance ensures peak efficiency and longevity of your water heater investment.

Water heater maintenance can prevent costly water heater repairs, replacement, or inefficiency expenses.

Annual water heater maintenance may feel like another thing to add to your lengthy checklist of things to do. Still, the advantages far outweigh the minor inconvenience (which we minimize by making the process as smooth as possible), including:

  • Early repair identification
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced water expense

Compared to the cost and inconvenience of repairs and decreased performance, annual water heater maintenance is the hands-down winner for low-cost and minimal-hassle.

Quick, Easy, and Affordable Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater 911 understands that while protecting your investment is important to you, so is the myriad of other things that demand your attention. We keep the maintenance process quick and simple and offer the ability to prepay for your annual maintenance for three years to keep your costs down and make your life easier.

Professional Standard Gas or Electric Water Heater Maintenance

Your annual maintenance service includes the following professional services:

  1. Flush and Clean. This process removes sediment from the bottom of your tank to maintain optimal hot water capacity and efficiency.
  2. Inspect the T&P (Temperature & Pressure) value. The T&P value serves an important function in relieving and diverting water outside when excessive pressure builds. A faulty or “frozen” valve during these critical times can cause an explosion. Annual maintenance keeps this critical function working properly.
  3. Test and Inspect all valves, connections, and shut-offs. A water heater may seem like a simple system, but there are a lot of parts that must work together to keep your water heater functional and efficient. Testing all connections ensures continued functionality and that you have hot water ready when you need it.
  4. Inspect thermal expansion tank. Expansion tanks help protect your plumbing system from stress and damage, leading to longer tank life. In order to do so, these tanks must be properly located, sized, and piped correctly into the system. Inspecting your thermal expansion tank annually means longer life and increased efficiency for your overall system.

Water Heater 911 Optional Add-Ons for Increased Water Heater Longevity & Efficiency Cost Savings

Anode Rod Upgrades

The condition of your anode rod depends on your water quality, usage, temperature, and craftsmanship. Replacing your anode rod at regular intervals will increase the life of your water heater, which increases the life of your investment. Your annual maintenance inspection is the perfect time to consider anode rod replacement.

Expansion Tanks

If you don’t currently have an expansion tank, your annual maintenance is a great time to consider having one installed. A thermal expansion tank is added protection for your water heater. They are used to absorb excess water pressure caused by thermal expansion as water is heated. By absorbing the extra pressure, stress is taken off of your components and you by preventing potential headaches in the future.

Experienced, Efficient Tankless Heater Maintenance

Annual maintenance for your tankless heater is completed by knowledgeable and courteous technicians and includes:

  1. Descale & Clean heat exchanger. Flushing and cleaning limescale deposits from the heat exchanger keep the heater running as efficiently as possible. That means hassle-free continuous hot water and cost savings for you.
  2. Digital Diagnostics. Professional diagnostic tools provide readings that indicate any potential concerns or inefficiencies so they can be addressed before they become a problem.
  3. Test & Inspect all valves, connections, and shut-offs. A thorough inspection of all components by Water Heater 911’s experienced technicians leaves you with the confidence that your system is running at its very best.

Water Heater 911 Keeps Your Hot Water Flowing!

The Water Heater 911 team much prefers to show up as scheduled to keep your system running smoothly than to have to come to the rescue for a failed system (although we do that too!).

Our professional team is proud to provide the annual maintenance of your standard gas, electric, or tankless heater to keep your family’s hot water and cost savings flowing.

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